About fair trade

Fair trade means that producers in developing countries are paid fair prices for the crops they grow or products they make.

Today, many of the things we buy are made far away. Other than a small sticker that says which country an item came from, we might have very little information about the people who worked hard to bring us that product.

Fair trade changes that by providing more information about the producers, fewer steps in between production and retail, and a fair price for the farmers or craftspeople who made the product.

When the women of Njau were introduced to Fair Trade in 2007, they realized that in order to make a living wage, they needed to secure slightly more money per purse. They were also introduced to the seven principles of Fair Trade, as documented by the Fair Trade Federation (FTF).

Traidcraft is a UK organization that offers activities, games, and free fair trade teaching resources for kids ages 5-18. Visit this site for educational guides for scouts and youth groups, too!

If you’re looking for a place where you can buy the fair trade products from the women of Njau, Gambia, visit our “Buy and Sell the Purses” page for more information.