Learn about the Gambia


Map credit: CIA Factbook (US Gov)

The Gambia may be the smallest country on Africa’s mainland, but there is surely a lot to know about it! Here is the CIA World Factbook entry for The Gambia, a good place to start learning about the country. Here is the Encyclopedia Britannica’s online entry about the Gambia for parents, teachers, homeschool educators, or librarians to share with learners. (Please note, there are advertisements on this page. We recommend you review first before inviting students to click through.)

Looking for more resources? Visit our Teacher Resources page for a fun word find activity and other educational tools related to the One Plastic Bag book.

If you’re looking for a live, interactive presentation on the Gambia, consider inviting author Miranda Paul and activist Isatou Ceesay to visit your school in-person or virtually through Zoom, Teams, Meet, or Skype. More info on booking Miranda & Isatou can be found here.