Contest Winners!

Thank you to all who entered the 2015 Recycled Idea Contest. We had so many great entries from kids of all ages!

Here are some of the notable entries and winners:

WINNER – Grades PreK through 1 – TIE
Aniyah, age 6, Cocoa Beach, FL – “Plate Purse”
This design features gently used plates and broken rubber bands stitched together to make a purse with a handle. Chosen for its practicality and charming artistry!
Carson, age 6, Cocoa Beach, FL – “Two Fork Back Scratcher”
This design features plastic servingware—one of our nation’s biggest problems in single-use plastics—made into a functional item. Chosen for functionality and ease of production.

WINNER – Grades 2-5
Jaylee, Grade 3, Kennett Square, PA – “Flexers”
This design features recycled metal scraps and fabric turned into a flexible “building block” toy that can be shaped and molded over and over to cure boredom. Chosen for creativity and clever marketing slogan.

WINNER – Grades 6-8
Name withheld, Grade 6, NY – “Cat Caps”
This design features non-recyclable plastic bottle caps painted with cute kitty designs and used for trading or collectibility. Chosen for its marketability and use of a waste product that’s not recyclable!

*Winners: If you have not yet received your signed books and/or Skype visit, please reply to the letters sent to your teachers, or fill out our contact form to redeem them.

Honorable Mentions

Ms. Jumes’s entire Kindergarten class at BFCCS in Franklin, MA – awarded honorable mention for amazing creativity and high-tech aspirations across the classroom set of design ideas, which included trains, a multitude of robots, and even a helicopter ninja plane!

Jenelle, Grade 4, West Seneca, NY – “A Lantern called WallArt”
This design features a soup can with holes poked through in different designs that can serve as a creative night light or party decoration when the lights are out! We’d love to see this idea applied to cylindrical or boxy items that aren’t otherwise recyclable, too.

Carieanne and Nala, Grade 5, Albany, NY – “The Owl Lila”
This design is a larger-than-life owl recreation made out of plastic bags and plastic scraps. Chosen for cuteness and collaboration. (Not to mention, they were the first entrants in the contest to actually make their item!)

Congratulations to all who entered. Remember, you can always send us a photo or email about your great recycling project by visiting our “Share YOUR great story” page here!